At Labpulse, we believe in investing in People. We look at people who choose to help us reach our dream as part of our family. That's why it is no surprise that the average duration for which our employees have been with us is more than 6 years.


Having started the company with closely knit friends, we have been able to maintain that friendly culture even today after a decade and addition of many members to Labpulse family. What used to be spontaneous partying or leisure activities over the weekend is now conducted with religious regularity by HR department.


What we look for while recruiting is Interest in the field and enthusiasm to succeed. We have learned the hard way that without these two essential qualities, a candidate no matter how well qualified and intelligent, will not be able to value add to Labpulse. That's why our recruitment process is designed to assess these two among other things. We are currently looking for freshers for the role of Sales and Marketing in domestic (west and south India, mostly) region. If you are serious about making a career in this field, send your resume to