Gas Generators

We are channel partners of Lablink in Pune and around region who exclusively represent in India following products manufactured by Claind SRL, Italy

Hydrogen Generators

  • Available in three models for gas flows of 200-400-600 nml/min
  • Thanks to the guaranteed high purity (>99.9995%) HyGen can be used both to supply Detectors and to supply carrier gas ( up to 15 FIDs or up to S/S Gcs + FID)
  • Hydrogen delivery pressure of up to 8 bar which allows Brezza units to be used also for "FAST GC"
  • Equipped with the innovative HT PEM cell, with reliability certified by Proton Energy Systems
  • Extreme safety guaranteed also by the innovative controller software which can be interfaced with the CPU or PCs for remote control

Nitrogen Generator

  • Capable of delivering 500 Nml/min with purity > 99.9995%
  • Available in a standard version and the HC version which ensures 100% removal of hydrocarbons (<0.1 ppm for applications with high-sensitivity detectors)
  • Very high purity nitrogen guaranteed by the PSA system with the exclusive CLAIND "Fast Purity" patent
  • Facility to serve up to 12 FIDs / NPDs with makeup gas or to 7 ECDs or 5 S/S

Zero Air Generators

  • Capable of delivering 3000 Nml/min with removal of hydrocarbons <0.1 ppm and CO2 < 1 ppm
  • High purity air guaranteed by the exclusive CLAND PSA system for combined removal of H2O and CO2
  • High-efficiency Palladium - Platinum HC system for removal of HCTs for a stable and interference- free baseline
  • High-efficiency final filter for removal of residual CO2
  • Facility for integration with a dedicated air compressor

Gas Distribution and Purification

  • Gas Purification and Control Panels

Various analytical instruments like GC, AAS, and ICP needs gas purification and control systems for removal of traces of moisture, hydrocarbons from the gases. Different manufacturers used different pressures. We provide the gas purification with moisture/molecular sieve traps, charcoal traps and oxytraps depending upon the type of the gases involved. The control panels are also provided with the input and Output pressure gauges and regulators. For multiple instruments gas distribution system can be designed and installed paying due attention to aesthetics.

  • Gas Distribution for fumehood and furniture

Modern day laboratories come with world class furniture and fumehood systems. That includes the utility points for gases nitrogen, air, vacuum, water, cold water supply/return, drain are integral part of these systems and customer's requirements. Keeping this in mind, we undertake supply and installation jobs of such piping systems along with a complete set of accessories.

  • Fittings and accessories

We provide wide range of accessories for gas systems like cylinder manifolds, cylinder regulators, ball valves, needle valves, fittings like Tee/nutferrules/unions/adaptors, Gauges, and Hoses etc.