• Chemsil HPLC columns and packing material
  • Preparative and Production scale HPLC systems
  • Packing services for analytical and preparative HPLC columns

Chemsil is a brand owned by CHEMINDIA. Their series columns are manufactured using highly purified silica gel as a base material and are uniquely end capped using a new, chemically modified technique by them. This advanced technology /turns the active sites on the silica surface to inactivated ones making Chemsil a versatile, highly reliable HPLC column designed for use a variety of samples having a wide pH range from acidic to basic.

CHEMINDIA also offers various packing materials and packing services for analytical as well as preparative and production scale HPLC systems.

  • Refurbished HPLC and GC

At Labpulse, all instruments are refurbished in house starting with a complete dissembling of even minute parts. Bodies and covers are re-painted . Every used HPLC instrument is completely dismantled, inspected and cleaned. The consumable parts are replaced with new parts. Thus the quality and performance is never compromised.

  • Consumables and spares

Labpulse believes in providing a complete solution to all the needs of our customer. That's why along with the instruments and equipments, you will also find all kinds of spare and consumable in our product portfolio so that any repairs, small modifications and up gradations can be carried out easily. Our team of Engineers with sound technical knowledge will help you pick up the right spare for your needs.


UV VIS Spectrophotometer (Labindia)
Some of the important features of this equipment are:

  • True Double Beam with Photo Silicon Diode Array System
  • Broad wavelength range of 190-1100 nm
  • Built-in automatic 8 cell changer
  • Built in DNA-Protein analysis and 3D visualization software.

The UV 3200 spectrophotometers use a Czerny-Turner mounting monochromator and offer fixed as well as variable spectral bandwidth based measurements. Each instrument is available as either a standalone platform or a PC-controlled instrument and performs measurements, data analysis, QA/QC function, validation and report printing.


Rudolph Instruments Automatic Polarimeters

Built for the global needs of the pharmaceutical industry

DigiPol 781 M6U Nova

The DigiPol 781 M6U Nova Series of Automatic Polarimeters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding optical rotation measurements for the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and research labs.

The DigiPol Nova M6U has automatic wavelength coverage from 325nm to 633nm

Meets all the requirements of USP, BP,EP,JP:

  • High accuracy all across the range
  • Complete Pharmacopeia Compatibility
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Peltier Cell temperature control 15-35°C
  • All 6 Pharmacopeial wavelengths
  • 325nm, 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm
The DigiThermTM with an accuracy of ± 0.2°C controls the temperature of the sample cell to meet  USP <781> optical rotation measurements  at 25°C± .5°C,  and EP measurements at 20°C ± .5°C without the use of water circulation or water baths. Other temperatures between 15°C and 30°C can also be set where optical rotation needs to be measured for special applications The system is simple and easy to use and permits the use of any glass funnel cell from 50mm to 200 mm in length as well as Quartz Rotation Standards.

The DigiPol Nova TDV is the single wavelength version of the M6U Nova. It is equipped for 589 nm and has the option for manual wavelength change over when needed in routine testing and analysis. It has the same accuracy and readout resolution as the DigiPol M6U series The DigiPol TDV also features the unique DigiThermTM Peltier Temperature control System.
This product is manufactured by Rudolph Instruments,USA and distributed and supported exclusively in India by ChemIndia, Hyderabad. We are channel partners for ChemIndia in the western part of India.

  • ChemIndia ADP Automatic Digital Polarimeter

Economical model with following specifications


  • Measuring specific rotation, optical rotation, sugar degree and concentration
  • Automatic repetition-measurement for 6 times and calculation of average value and means square root
  • Peltier principle to control the temperature
  • Measurement of dark-colored sample
  • USB & RS232 interface with printer


  • Measurement range -90°~+ 90°
  • Accuracy : 0.01°
  • Minimum indicating value: 0.001°, 0.01° Z
  • Repeatability: sample transmittance > 1%<=0.002 (<=0.006 °Z)
  • Display: Touch Screen
  • Light Source: LED
  • Operation Wavelength: 589.nm
  • Temperature control range: 15-30°C
  • Accuracy: 0.5°C
  • Length of Test Tube(100mm/200mm):1 no