Labguard fumehood and furniture

When it comes to fumehoods, few names are as trusted and respected as LabGuard. We are extremely proud to be associated with Labguard for marketing their entire range of products particularly in Pune and around region.

Labguard, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is an industry leader in terms of technology and functionality. Their fumehoods comply with both ASHRAE as well as EN standards, ensuring a safe work environment for you. Labguard offers a number of optional features that greatly increase product functionality and safety.

Labguard offers a wide range of fumehood models from high end international one to more affordable economical ones. A variety of useful accessories like airflow monitor, auto fire extinguisher, automatic exhaust, VAV systems, worktops are available as an option. Choice of utility points and electrical points makes the fumehood operations more convenient to user.

The complete installation of fumehoods along with blower and ducting is designed and executed by Labguard. The scrubbers are also available.

Fumehood for AAS/ICP/ICP-MS

Instruments like AAS, ICP, ICP-MS requires exhaust systems with blower and SS ducting with desired cfm for different manufacturers. We manufacture, supply and install all kinds of exhausts hood needed by different manufacturers. The ducting is made up of ss304 material.